Highly Illogical Behavior

John Corey Whaley

fiction lgbtqia+ young adult
emotional hopeful fast-paced

256 pages

From a Printz and Morris Award-winning author comes a quirky story of coming-of-age, coming out, friendship, love...and agoraphobia.

Sixteen-year-old Solomon has agoraphobia. He hasn't left his house in 3 years. Ambitious Lisa is desperate to get into a top-tier psychology program. And so when Lisa learns about Solomon, she decides to befriend him, cure him, and then write about it for her college application. To earn Solomon's trust, she introduces him to her boyfriend Clark, and starts to reveal her own secrets. But what started as an experiment leads to a real friendship, with all three growing close. But when the truth comes out, what erupts could destroy them all. Funny and heartwarming, Highly Illogical Behavior is a fascinating exploration of what makes us tick, and how the connections between us may be the most important things of all.
At a time when young adult literature is actively picking away at the stigma of mental illness, Whaley carves off a healthy chunk with style, sensitivity and humor. . . . ELECTRIFYING. The New York Times Book Review
Tender and funny. People Magazine, Summer's Best Books of 2016"

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hopeful 91%
emotional 41%
funny 33%
inspiring 33%
lighthearted 33%
reflective 25%
tense 25%
adventurous 8%
challenging 8%
informative 8%
relaxing 8%
sad 8%


medium 50%
fast 50%

Plot- or character-driven?

Character: 100%

Strong character development?

Yes: 84% | It's complicated: 15%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 85% | It's complicated: 14%

Diverse cast of characters?

It's complicated: 33% | No: 25% | Yes: 25% | N/A: 16%

Flaws of characters a main focus?

Yes: 85% | It's complicated: 7% | N/A: 7%

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