Recall #1

M. Van

fiction science fiction young adult
adventurous challenging slow-paced

367 pages | first published 2017

The sun is dying. Humanity’s experiments with space travel have turned the life-giving star into a planet-scorching red giant. The few survivors on earth now exist beneath domed radiation shields that keep the populace safe—for now. Fierce order is maintained among the people of the decaying cities by Artificial Representations, ARs, mindless and memoryless laboratory-grown cyborgs that patrol the streets, acting as judges, juries, and executioners to any who dare disturb the fragile authoritarian order.

But when the image of a mysterious woman invades the supposedly empty consciousness of Enforcer 959, it sets in motion a chain of events that threatens not only to reveal the secrets of this so-called cyborg herself but also to destroy the last remaining vestiges of humanity—or save those who remain.

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