Barchester Towers

Chronicles of Barsetshire #2

Anthony Trollope

fiction classics
funny reflective slow-paced

418 pages | first published 1857

Trollope's comic masterpiece of plotting and backstabbing opens as the Bishop of Barchester lies on his deathbed. Soon a pitched battle breaks out over who will take power, involving, among others, the zealous reformer Dr Proudie, his fiendish wife and the unctuous schemer Obadiah Slope.

Barchester Towers is one of the best-loved novels in Trollope's Chronicles of Barsetshire series, which captured nineteenth-century provincial England with wit, worldly wisdom and an unparalleled gift for characterization. It is the second book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire.

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lighthearted 66%
reflective 66%
challenging 50%
funny 50%
emotional 16%
hopeful 16%
informative 16%
relaxing 16%


slow 100%

Strong character development?

Yes: 60% | It's complicated: 20% | No: 20%

Loveable characters?

It's complicated: 40% | No: 40% | Yes: 20%

Diverse cast of characters?

No: 66% | It's complicated: 16% | Yes: 16%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 83% | No: 16%

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