Mask of Shadows

Linsey Miller with Deryn Edwards (Narrator)

fiction childrens fantasy young adult
adventurous slow-paced

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Genderfluid Sallot Leon is a thief, and a good one at that. But Sal wants nothing more than to escape the drudgery of life as a highway robber and to get closer to the nobles who destroyed home. So when auditions to become a member of The Left Hand-the Queen's personal assassins-are announced, Sal jumps at the chance to infiltrate the court and get revenge. But a childhood as a common criminal hardly prepared Sal for the audition: a fight to the death filled with clever circus acrobats, lethal apothecaries, and vicious ex-soldiers. But Sal succeeds in the competition, winning the heart of an intriguing scribe at court, and, together, they begin to dream of a new life and a different future-a future that they can have only if they both survive...

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adventurous 90%
mysterious 63%
dark 54%
tense 36%
emotional 22%
challenging 9%
funny 4%
hopeful 4%
lighthearted 4%
reflective 4%
sad 4%


medium 65%
fast 21%
slow 13%

Plot- or character-driven?

Plot: 55% | A mix: 44%

Strong character development?

Yes: 57% | No: 23% | It's complicated: 19%

Loveable characters?

Yes: 50% | It's complicated: 36% | No: 13%

Diverse cast of characters?

Yes: 90% | It's complicated: 9%

Flaws of characters a main focus?

Yes: 70% | It's complicated: 15% | No: 15%

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