Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

fiction classics science fiction
reflective medium-paced

194 pages | first published 1953

Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commodities, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden.

Montag never questions the destruction and ruin his actions produce, returning each day to his bland life and wife, Mildred, who spends all day with her television 'family'. But then he meets an eccentric young neighbor, Clarisse, who introduces him to a past where people did not live in fear and to a present where one sees the world through the ideas in books instead of the mindless chatter of television.

When Mildred attempts suicide and Clarisse suddenly disappears, Montag begins to question everything he has ever known.

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reflective 69%
dark 65%
tense 44%
challenging 38%
sad 21%
adventurous 19%
emotional 16%
inspiring 15%
mysterious 15%
hopeful 10%
informative 3%
funny 0%
relaxing 0%


medium 59%
fast 27%
slow 13%

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Yes: 76% | It's complicated: 11% | No: 10% | N/A: 1%

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No: 40% | It's complicated: 38% | Yes: 15% | N/A: 5%

Diverse cast of characters?

No: 81% | It's complicated: 7% | Yes: 6% | N/A: 4%

Flaws of characters centre-stage?

Yes: 74% | It's complicated: 13% | No: 6% | N/A: 5%

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