Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One, by Shaina Krevat

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19 Sep 2022 - 18 Oct 2022

Prizes: Digital (10 copies), Print (3 copies) — Available in 176 countries

fiction fantasy short stories young adult
adventurous funny lighthearted fast-paced

122 pages | first published 2018

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Do you miss the whimsy of Harry Potter, before characters started dying and She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named used her powers for evil?  If so, enter this giveaway for Tales of Mundane Magic, a fun modern fantasy short story series that will keep you feeling cozy until the last word.

Book description

Nothing too strange ever happens to Gertie and Bridget Mallon.The sisters don't have magical adventures fighting off dark lords or saving the world. Gertie spends her time learning the skill of enchantment, and Bridget has the ability to see thing...


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