Housekeeping, by Crystal LeMar

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19 Nov 2022 - 18 Dec 2022

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264 pages | first published 2022

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Enter the Giveaway today and share in a provocative journey that questions family values, expectation & ambition. Craig Lee is the author behind Crystal LeMar and the novel ‘Housekeeping’.  
As a debut author, his work takes energy from the same inequalities that first confronted his formative years. Experiences that taught him the value of identifying shared feelings and seeing things differently, through other’s eyes. Empathy. Understanding what moves people, has moved him to write. Airport terminals, planes, trains and hotel foyers are where he writes best. Public non-spaces between worlds. Globally scattered anonymous platforms to somewhere else that help him conceive and collide entire worlds. Neutral places to build a rapport with his characters, to understand their demons, charms and primal motives. A unique connection between character and author he believes builds a ‘sincerity of autonomy’ in each, and ultimately the story itself. 

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Living life how you dreamt as a kid? Fulfilling your desires in love, life, and career, and on your own terms? Yes, then don't read this book, write one. Feeling a growing realisation and resignation that your life is merely enabling the dreams of...


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