A Physician on the Nile: A Description of Egypt and Journal of the Famine Years, by ʿAbd al-Laṭīf al-Baghdādī

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19 Nov 2022 - 18 Dec 2022

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nonfiction history
emotional informative medium-paced

350 pages | first published 2021

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Win a free copy of this firsthand account of life in thirteenth-century Egypt, featuring mummies, hippopotamuses, grave-robbing, and cannibalism. A must-read for anyone interested in Egyptology or Middle East history.

Book description

Flora, fauna, and famine in thirteenth-century EgyptA Physician on the Nile begins as a description of everyday life in Egypt at the turn of the seventh/thirteenth century, before becoming a harrowing account of famine and pestilence. Written by t...


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