Girlfriend on Mars, by Deborah Willis

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19 May 2023 - 18 Jun 2023

Prizes: Print (10 copies), Digital (50 copies) — Available in United Kingdom

fiction literary science fiction
adventurous dark funny medium-paced

368 pages | first published 2023

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Serpent's Tail are excited to be giving away 50 eBooks and 10 hardback books of Deborah Willis' absorbing, poignant and darkly funny debut Girlfriend on Mars.

Described as 'Fleishman is in Trouble in space' (Bobby Palmer), Girlfriend on Mars tells the story of Canadian, weed-growing couple Kevin and Amber whose lives are changed forever when Amber is chosen to take part in a reality TV show to win a one-way ticket to the red planet. Deborah Willis' debut asks how far would you go to get some space...

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Book description

 'Fleishman Is In Trouble, but in space' Bobby PalmerKevin is a thirtysomething homebody, happily committed to his hydroponics-expert girlfriend, Amber, as they grow weed in their basement in Vancouver.Out of the blue, Amber announces that she has...


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Format: Digital

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