Blood Triad by Raven Belasco

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19 Mar 2024 - 18 Apr 2024

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fiction fantasy historical horror lgbtqia+ thriller
adventurous emotional hopeful medium-paced

262 pages | first published 2024

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This is the newest book in the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series -- so fresh, it hasn't been published yet! This is an Advance Reader Copy of Blood Triad, which is a collection of three novellas, all of which can be enjoyed as standalone stories if you haven't read the first three books in the series.
The reader who will enjoy Blood Triad is someone who loves character development and getting lost in a story. These stories are all playing with history, looking at it from some very different perspectives. While these stories are not romances, love plays a deep role in all of them, in various ways, but there is plenty of action to balance it out. These stories have something for everyone.

Book description

BLOOD TRIAD is a collection of three novellas from the Blood & Ancient Scrolls series by Raven Belasco, giving a more intimate view into the lives of some of the am’r (the vampires’ name for themselves) that readers have met along the way. Sta...


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