Night Ivy, by E.D.E. Bell

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19 Sep 2022 - 18 Oct 2022

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fiction fantasy lgbtqia+
adventurous mysterious relaxing medium-paced

285 pages | first published 2022

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Atthis Arts is giving away signed cloth-bound hardcover and e-book copies of Night Ivy by E.D.E. Bell. Night Ivy is a quiet fantasy tale set in the lovingly-crafted world of Alyssia, woven of kindness, friendship, magic, and the quest to find one's self. Appealing to readers who enjoy neurodivergent characters, non-traditional structure, rich worldbuilding, character-centered storytelling, and a queernormative, gender-diverse world.

Book description

The first book in the fantasy world of Alyssia, featuring plant magic, friendship, and dragons. Xelle is sure in her passion for magic, but struggles to find her place within the constructs that enable its study. Night Ivy offers the first verse o...


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Format: Digital

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