Giovanni's Room (Deluxe Edition) by James Baldwin

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19 Jun 2024 - 18 Jul 2024

Prizes: Print (50 copies) — Available in United States

fiction classics lgbtqia+ literary
emotional reflective sad medium-paced

192 pages | first published 1956

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We're pleased to celebrate the iconic literary and civil rights legacy of James Baldwin. This year marks James Baldwin's Centennial and to celebrate we are giving away 50 copies of one of his most treasured works Giovanni's Room. This deluxe edition from Vintage Books of James Baldwin's groundbreaking novel features a new introduction and a stunning package with art by Baldwin’s friend and contemporary Beauford Delaney

Join us as we honor the prolific legacy of James Baldwin. 

Book description

A deluxe edition of James Baldwin's groundbreaking novel with a new introduction and a stunning package.Giovanni's Room is set in the Paris of the 1950s, where a young American expatriate finds himself caught between his repressed desires and conv...


Format: Print

Number of copies: 50

Delivery: Package sent via Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Eligible countries: United States

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