We've Been Put Through Fire and Come Out Divine: Stories of Hope & Survival by Kenna Hilderbrand, Cary Bach Donahou, Dr. Meadow Jones Ph.D., Susan Hamin, Mecks Mac, Ginger T. Rex, Angela Lore, Mary Simmerling

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19 Mar 2024 - 18 Apr 2024

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fiction feminism poetry short stories
emotional hopeful inspiring medium-paced

132 pages | first published 2024

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Enter to win a copy of 'We've Been put Through Fire And Come Out Devine'! This anthology serves as a powerful testament to the healing power of writing and community in the face of violence and trauma. Told through their own voices, several survivors of sexual assault process their complicated feelings, responses and memories in relation to their experiences. ultimately uplifting and empowering to the victims of these violent actions, this anthology emphasizes the importance of reclaiming your own voice. 

Book description

We’ve Been Put Through Fire and Come Out Divine: Stories of Hope & Survival is a raw and powerful anthology that documents the harrowing experiences of survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The collection explores the loss of identity, agenc...


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