And Seek (Not) to Alter Me by Juno Caster, Nova Mason, M.K. Mads, Sanjita Jain, K.B. Vimes, Era J.M. Couts, R.L. Houck, Lucy K.R., A.L. Heard, Theo Neidlinger, Veronica Sloane, Nicole Wilkinson, Adrian Harley, Nickel J. Keep, Aria L. Deair, Nina Waters, Lacey Hays, Lyn Weaver

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19 Oct 2022 - 18 Nov 2022

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fiction comics fantasy historical lgbtqia+ science fiction short stories speculative fiction
emotional hopeful reflective medium-paced

180 pages | first published 2022

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Hi, and welcome to our giveaway! We're Duck Prints Press, an independent Press in New York dedicated to working with fanwork creators to publish their original work, with an emphasis on stories and art featuring LGBTQIA+ characters.

Our second anthology, first in our Queer Fanworks Inspired By... series, is this collection of works inspired by William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing. A wonderful, skilled group of artists and authors came together to share how this play has inspired them - some by creating original works, others by creating fanworks - and the result is a fabulously diverse collection that takes readers from the distant past to modern times to the far future. If you've ever read Shakespeare and thought, "this isn't queer enough!" (and let's be real, Shakespeare's pretty queer to start with...) then this is the book for you! We hope you'll check it out - and come back for more, 'cause (not to spill a secret, but...) we've recently started working on our second Queer Fanworks Inspired By... anthology. So take your seat and get ready to enjoy this beloved play in thirty-two whole new ways!

Book description

A collection of Queer Fanworks Inspired by Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Also includes contributions from the following artists: Miss Aceriee, Cris Alborja, Joshua Beeking, Liz Brooks, Amy Fincher, Taylor C. Fischer, Gio Guimarães, Joey Ha...


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