All the Broken People by Amy Rivers

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19 May 2024 - 18 Jun 2024

Prizes: Print (10 copies), Digital (200 copies) — Available in 177 countries

fiction contemporary thriller
dark emotional mysterious medium-paced

312 pages | first published 2019

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If you like Megan Miranda and Stacy Willingham, you'll love All The Broken People--a domestic thriller about family secrets and overcoming trauma. Enter to win a copy of the book and some great reader swag. 

Book description

Alice Bennett knows what it means to suffer. After burying her abusive childhood and reinventing herself, Alice is living a life she never imagined could be hers. She's married to a perfect Southern gentleman. She has a challenging job she loves--...


Format: Print

Number of copies: 10

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Eligible countries: United States

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Format: Digital

Number of copies: 200

Delivery: In-app download (EPUB file)

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