Harare Voices and Beyond by Andrew Chatora

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19 Jun 2024 - 18 Jul 2024

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fiction contemporary crime mystery
challenging dark slow-paced

240 pages | first published 2023

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Harare Voices and Beyond 
Thrilled to share with you Andrew Chatora's award winning novel: Harare Voices and Beyond.

A story of the predator, the prey and everyone else in between best sums up Harare Voices and Beyond. Showcasing cultural representation of Zimbabwe, true grit, modern Zimbabwe history. Vibrant tension created by reading the sounds of “voices” in each chapter. Many characters woven to create layers of issues related to the aftermath of land reforms post 2000 and the hurt caused by xenophobia. These are universal experiences, given the endemic influence of colonialism around the world. Fast-paced, hard hitting, unrelenting; the book tackles difficult topics boldly. Harare Voices and Beyond takes on the ambitious challenge of telling a complex story about a complicated city, a devastated country and the multiple cultures that coexist within and it does this brilliantly!

Book description

"Harare Voices and Beyond takes us on a journey through the dark recesses of the human psyche." -Sue Quainton, Bicester, United KingdomA drunken confession exposes a dark family secret. Rhys appears to have it all. A white Zimbabwean living in aff...


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