The Guild Master's Daughter by Geneva Price

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19 Jan 2024 - 18 Feb 2024

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Prizes: Print (5 copies), Digital (15 copies) — Available in 177 countries

fiction fantasy historical
emotional hopeful inspiring medium-paced

334 pages | first published 2023

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If a Regency era setting, magical Ink that turns the imaginary real, and an empowering story of a young woman's struggle against the patriarchy to claim her calling sound like your tea and jam, this is the giveaway for you! 

There are five signed hardbacks (US and Can) and 15 ebooks up for grabs. Good Luck!

Book description

Faith is limited only by what she believes to be impossible... and the Guild Master who will do anything to stop her.In 1816 New York City, there is no place for women in the world of art, especially not for Faith, the gifted step-daughter of a re...


Format: Print

Number of copies: 5

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Eligible countries: Canada, United States

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Format: Digital

Number of copies: 15

Delivery: In-app download (EPUB file)

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