Believable: Discover the God That Saves All by J.D. Atkinson

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19 Apr 2024 - 18 May 2024

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nonfiction philosophy religion
hopeful informative slow-paced

242 pages | first published 2024

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Decycle is pleased to present a special giveaway offer for 10 beautiful hardcover editions of Believable: Discover the God That Saves All, signed by the author.
Readers that have wrestled with the big questions―the existence of God, the afterlife, good and evil, heaven and hell―will be quickly immersed in J.D. Atkinson's provocative and refreshingly objective approach... and closer to finding the answers we've all been looking for.

Book description

Reasonable people are troubled by the obvious contradictions of modern theology: If a loving and all-powerful God exists, why hasn't he put an end to our suffering and misery?How could a God that loves us unconditionally abandon anyone in endless ...


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