Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Hosted by listenwithaudrey
01 May 24 - 15 May 24
120 participants


Join the Audrey community to listen to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on the Audrey app starting on May 1st 2024  🦩 🐇

We're tumbling down the rabbit hole with the most brilliant and hilarious full-cast (our biggest cast yet!) audiobook of Lewis Carroll's children's classic, with a predictably fascinating and rabbithole-y guide by our fave Simon Haisell

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The following people have been involved in the production of the Audrey guided edition of Alice, and we're so excited for you to enjoy it!

Narrators: a massive, wonderful full cast of actors (see the Audrey app for all their names!)
Guide: Simon Haisell
Illustrator: Lotte Budai



Welcome to Wonderland. 
In the words of the Caterpillar, "Who are You?"

Please introduce yourselves and where in the world you find yourself 🌎

Curiouser and Curiouser. Preface. Chapters 1 and 2.

Target: 02 May 2024

Down the Rabbit Hole and A Pool of Tears
  • What do rabbit holes mean to you?
  • What animal would you be in Wonderland, and why?

Tails, Tales and the White Rabbit. Chapters 3-4

Target: 05 May 2024

When has the world made you feel bigger or smaller than you actually are? 

The Cheshire Cat and the Duchess. Chapters 5-6

Target: 07 May 2024

' "How do you know I'm mad," said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here." '
What are your thoughts on this quote?


A Tea Party and Croquet. Chapters 7-8

Target: 10 May 2024

Does the Mad Hatter remind you of anyone?

Mock Turtle and the Lobster-quadrille. Chapters 9-10

Target: 13 May 2024

Do you have a favourite edition of Alice in Wonderland?
Do you still have a treasured copy from your childhood?

Who stole the tarts? Chapters 11-12

Target: 15 May 2024

In his guide note Simon asks, 'Does knowing the harder-to-stomach aspects of an author's life change your enjoyment of their writing?'

More rabbit holes!

Target: 15 May 2024

A space to chase down rabbit holes and share your thoughts on the listen-along and Alice. 

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