Lord Foul's Bane

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22 Mar 24 - 30 Aug 24
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Reading along with the podcast, The Unbelievers, as the episodes are published. I record this with my cohost, Barge every week and we publish on Fridays. Visit or search your podcast app for The Unbelievers: A Thomas Covenant Podcast to listen along with us as we read the book.

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 Lord Foul's Bane


SCHEDULE (Google Sheets)


Introductions and Pilot Episode

Target: 22 Mar 2024

The pilot episode of the podcast will be released on 22 March, and our discussion episode on chapters 1–3 will be released a week later, on 29 March. 
Come and say hi if you're joining in with the read-along! Let us know where you're from and if this is your first time reading Covenant or if you're a returning reader, as I am!

Chapters 1–3

The episode covering the first three chapters is now up -- Link
What did you make of it? This is the place to discuss! 
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Chapters 4–5

Target: 05 Apr 2024

The episode covering chapters 4 and 5 is scheduled for 5 April 2024. Let us know your thoughts on the book. Are you enjoying it? Will you keep reading? If not, what did you not like about it? We hope you are enjoying the podcast! 

Chapters 6–7

Target: 12 Apr 2024

Discussion on chapters 6 and 7. The episode is scheduled for 12 April 2024.
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Chapter 8 - The Dawn of the Message

Target: 26 Apr 2024

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Chapter 9 - Jehannum

Target: 26 Apr 2024