Tips, Not Prompts: a guide on how to build and keep the reading habit - hosted by bibilly

📚 Know yourself and your necessities, and establish reading priorities based on that knowledge
Maybe reading for you is just a hobby, but you limit yourself to bestsellers and books hyped by YouTube and TikTok; perhaps you are (or feel) obliged to read certain books, but have a specific reading taste outside that; maybe you think you like a genre or trope, but get disappointed over and over by it. So ask yourself, without prejudice and ignoring the urgency to read the authors everybody is talking about: why do you read? And: what do you genuinely like to read? Are you consuming content aligned to your taste and needs or just YouTube channels, for example, that talk about the same books/authors repeatedly? How many minutes or what moments of your day would you dedicate to feed this taste? Be brutally honest in your answers. You might start it slow, but starting is always the goal.

This tip may seem obvious, but it's fundamental to the following.

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