Disability Reading Challenge 2021 - hosted by boneloose

For disabled people: read a book with advice on how to cope with YOUR disability!
Examples: folks with EDS, read something like A Guide to Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type): Bending Without Breaking. Autistic folks, read something like The Spectrum Girl's Survival Guide.

I'll do my best to find relevant books for a variety of disabilities and add them to this prompt page as a starting off point, but can't personally endorse any of them (haven't even read the two I mentioned here!)

Folks with multiple disabilities: the book only has to apply to one!
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nonfiction psychology self help informative reflective slow-paced

376 pages | first published 2013

nonfiction health informative slow-paced

312 pages

nonfiction psychology self help informative slow-paced

296 pages | first published 2018