Tips, Not Prompts: a guide on how to build and keep the reading habit - hosted by bibilly

📚 Get an e-reader and prioritize ebooks over physical books
We've passed the turn of the century a long time ago, you don't need to buy every book you read. I'm not here to tell you that reading physical copies is wrong, but it's a fact that, to read more in our current times, one needs to be open to other formats (that's why I'm currently trying to get into audiobooks). Even if you don't like the idea of giving up on physical books, once you get used to reading on an e-reader, you won't be coming back to paperbacks anytime soon. And most importantly, you'll catch yourself reading more than you used to, even without following my next tips.

An e-reader isn't more practical than physical books, tablets and smartphones just because it's more comfortable than those options, but also because it keeps all of your tbr in the palm of your hand, meaning that you can easily pick up another book if you do not like your current read, especially if you organize your documents in collections by genres/reading goals. Not to mention the highlighting and note-taking features. And all that without distractions. You only see books, so you open one and read it.

E-readers can be really expensive depending on where you live, but if you consider how much you would have to spend to own half of the books you would be reading on an e-reader (books in my country were never cheap), they're worth it. Therefore, if you have the money and can spend it, just go for the most humble model with light and a cloud server you can find.

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