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For eventual reading slumps
If you follow all of the tips above and still fall into a reading slump:
  • put each of the books you've picked up recently and haven't finished on pause, and be brutally honest with yourself: what you'd truly like to read at the moment? If the answer is fanfic, read fanfic. Like every genre, it will eventually loose some of its flavor and you'll start to crave something else.
  • lower your expectations and start to read every title expecting the worst time ever. Be the author's biggest nightmare and give up on their book right away if the first page doesn't catch your attention or impress you somehow. This way you won't force yourself for more than a few minutes and won't feel guilty for yet another DNf. Don't even mark on any app as DNF if the author didn't avoid disappointing you for at least 10% of the book.
  • resort to nostalgia and reread a book or an author you used to obsess over in your teen years, or try a new version of it, like the most promising entertaining series in your tbr or the comeback of an old favorite author. I bet The Hunger Games series, for example, checks out theses boxes for a lot of readers.
  • try something different, like the epistolary format or a narrative in verse, or something safe but still fun and new, like juicy contemporary drama or the book version of a reality show.
  • let yourself slump and sit with your thoughts a little while. You don't have to read all the time, and some books are harder to digest than others.
  • watch a new tv show, preferably something entertaining, or marathon a movie saga/list on letterboxd. Good fiction and good media in general always lead to new discoveries and obsessions, and sooner or later you'll find yourself craving books that ressemble it.

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