Buzzword Reading Challenge 2024 - hosted by booksandlala

titles that include the word "like."
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354 pages missing pub info (editions)

9 hours first pub 2020 (editions) user-added

fiction historical romance emotional reflective medium-paced

336 pages first pub 2024 (editions)

fiction romance young adult

304 pages first pub 2019 (editions)

nonfiction feminism health challenging informative reflective slow-paced

416 pages first pub 2023 (editions) user-added


288 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

nonfiction feminism race self help challenging informative reflective slow-paced

204 pages first pub 2017 (editions)

fiction lgbtqia+ young adult emotional hopeful slow-paced

384 pages first pub 2012 (editions)

fiction contemporary emotional hopeful reflective slow-paced

600 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

fiction fantasy lgbtqia+ romance dark emotional mysterious medium-paced

272 pages first pub 2018 (editions)

nonfiction memoir informative reflective medium-paced