Silver Valkyrie's 2021 Reading Challenge - hosted by silver_valkyrie_reads

A book published in a different century from the majority of your reading.
Advanced version: a book published before 1800. 

Also a great chance to just delve into an author's older backlist though, if you mostly read new releases!
All books added
fiction fantasy middle grade adventurous fast-paced

190 pages | first published 1964

fiction classics mysterious slow-paced

432 pages | first published 1861

fiction classics challenging medium-paced

768 pages | first published 1838

fiction classics science fiction dark reflective slow-paced

275 pages | first published 1898

nonfiction classics literary poetry medium-paced

66 pages

fiction classics horror dark mysterious medium-paced

125 pages | first published 1764

fiction historical literary dark mysterious reflective slow-paced

4 hours, 58 minutes | first published 1995

nonfiction classics poetry emotional reflective slow-paced

224 pages | first published 1923

fiction classics contemporary lgbtqia+ literary dark emotional reflective medium-paced

242 pages | first published 1994

fiction classics fantasy poetry adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

176 pages | first published 2020