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209 pages first pub 2016 (editions)


288 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

nonfiction contemporary emotional funny reflective slow-paced

345 pages first pub 2015 (editions)

fiction fantasy historical literary adventurous mysterious reflective slow-paced

288 pages first pub 2005 (editions)

fiction dystopian literary science fiction emotional reflective sad slow-paced

310 pages missing pub info (editions)

fiction medium-paced

288 pages first pub 2016 (editions)

nonfiction memoir psychology challenging emotional reflective slow-paced

387 pages first pub 2008 (editions)

fiction historical adventurous challenging dark medium-paced

63 pages first pub 2022 (editions)

fiction contemporary erotica romance lighthearted fast-paced

346 pages first pub 2021 (editions)

fiction fantasy young adult adventurous emotional medium-paced

400 pages first pub 2020 (editions)

fiction fantasy young adult adventurous medium-paced