Read Sapphic Books, Cowards

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Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

a reading challenge dedicated to getting people to read more sapphic books! to complete the challenge, every book must also be sapphic!

Challenge prompts

1. An adult book (164 books added)

2. A YA or MG book (117 books added)

3. A book by an Indigenous author (14 books added)

4. A book by a Black author (52 books added)

5. A book by an Asian author (44 books added)

6. A book by a latine/latinx author (26 books added)

7. A SFF book (102 books added)

8. A romance book (78 books added)

9. A lesbian classic (34 books added)

so context for this one! this isn't a classic in the way you are thinking of. it's stuff like Ash by Malinda, Julie Anne Peter's books, Nancy Gardener's stuff, books like that

10. An anticipated read (59 books added)

11. A book over 500 pages (28 books added)