Book Rant's 2021 Reading Challenge

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48 participants, 655 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

You're reaching for your TBR pile. Your hand wavers. You look at your library loans. You pause. You look at your favourites shelf, but you're not in the mood for any of them.

You don't know what to read. There are too many books, too many stories, too many options.

But don't give up so soon. The year has just begun. Don't binge Bridgerton for the ninth time. Don't reread the book that you always go back to and that you know practically by heart, now. (Actually, no. Go do that. That sounds like fun).

Explore authors and genres. Explore styles of reading. Have some fun. It's 2021, y'all, diversify your reading. Dig into the world of books and find something that you didn't know you would like. You don't have to complete all of these, if you don't want. They're just here to help you choose your next read. Read books!

(Full details in our episode "Year in Books: 2020 (An Ode to the Library)!)
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Challenge prompts

1. Read a banned book (9 books added)

Any era, any place, anywhere in spacetime.

2. Read a translated book (30 books added)

To any language, from any language.

3. Read a non-fiction book (38 books added)

There are so many! Have at it!

4. Reread a book that deserves a second chance (13 books added)

Maybe you DNF'd a book a long time ago that you think you might now like? Maybe it's time to see if your opinions have changed about that book you threw across the room as soon as you finished it?

5. Read a book published during your year of birth (13 books added)

Because astrology.

6. Read a graphic novel! (21 books added)

Everyone needs a graphic novel or two or five hundred in their life.

7. Read a genre you've never read before (22 books added)

It's kind of self-explanatory.

8. Read an audiobook (46 books added)

Make a cup of tea, take out your knitting project, enjoy the dulcet tones of someone who's voice is nice enough to listen to for 12 hours.

9. Read a book with LGBTQIA representation (64 books added)

For this one, read a book with accurate representation. Nobody needs another non-LGBT+ perspective on LGBT+ experiences.

10. A book recommended by a stranger (46 books added)

Hey, we're probably strangers. Read a book recommended by us. Or by someone on reddit or twitter. Maybe someone on a bus. I don't know, have some fun with this one.

11. Read a book by a Canadian author (14 books added)

...who isn't Margaret Atwood

12. Read a debut novel (35 books added)

Doesn't have to be the only work they've ever published. You can read Terry Pratchett's first book. Or you can read a book published this year by an author who has never published anything else. 

13. Read a book by a non-Western author (36 books added)

Ouf, it's getting really stuffy in here with all these Western perspectives.

14. Read a book that's borrowed from the library (64 books added)


15. Read a book that you haven't read in over 10 years (14 books added)

More or less ten years. Maybe it's a book that you used to love but that you have a feeling doesn't hold up anymore. Or whatever floats your boat. Basically, revisit a book.

17. Pick a book solely based on its cover (27 books added)

Don't judge a book by its co--
I know. 
But also covers make such a huge difference. Lean into it. Embrace your superficiality. It's okay. We understand.

18. Read a book that was once fan fiction (7 books added)

Yes, we're making you do some digging for this one. This can be a book that was taken directly from its fan fiction days, or maybe a book that was heavily inspired by a fan fiction, or... you get it.

19. Read poetry (18 books added)

Trust me.

20. Read a book by a BIPOC author (71 books added)

Honestly, you'll be doing yourself a disservice if all you choose is one book. Read BIPOC voices.

21. Read a book that has won an award (40 books added)

Let me just say: it doesn't have to be a notable award, or even an award that denotes quality.