Isaac Asimov - Robots/Empire/Foundation - Author's Suggested Order

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After watching the first two seasons of the Apple TV+ adaptation of Foundation and listening to the associated official podcast, I found myself more curious than ever to read the books. I have tried to read Asimov's work before and, well.....I struggled with it, to be honest. I've decided to challenge myself to read the books that inspired the TV series with fresh eyes and mind. 

The challenge books are in the order suggested by Isaac Asimov in the "Author's Note" to Prelude to Foundation. The "Author's Note" can be referenced (at the time of this writing) in the free sample of Prelude to Foundation available on

My father was a great fan of Asimov, and as he and I shared a passion for science fiction in all its forms, I dedicate this reading challenge to him.

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