Readathin | February 2021

Hosted by momsbookcollection

17 participants, 132 books added

Starts: Monday, 01 February 2021

Ends: Sunday, 28 February 2021

Readathin is a readathon that Amanda from  acourtofbooksandlove  started a few years ago actually back in 2017 and now she thoughtfully has added myself to help run it.

Readathin is a month long readathon that is held in February, May, August, and November every year.

The goal for Readathin is to “thin” out your TBRs.

While you can read any books you have on your TBR, the main purpose of the readathon is to read books from your physical TBR (or eTBR since we all know those can get out of hand as well). 

Challenge prompts

1. Morning Reading (9 books added)

 Read when you awake? no electronic's to bug you. 

2. Thin Book (14 books added)

 Find a book that is under 250 or under 

3. Romance (10 books added)

 Read a Romance book or has Romance in it. 

4. Read 5 Books (16 books added)

 Read at least 5 books. 

5. Flowers on the Cover (10 books added)

 Read a book that has a flower or flowers on the cover. 

6. Own Voices (8 books added)

 Read a book that diverse characters that have been written by authors from that same diverse group. 

7. Graphic Novels (7 books added)

 Read a Graphic Novel. 

8. Self Care Day (6 books added)

 Take a day to care for yourself. I.E. Read with no electronics bugging you, Soak in a bath, Play a game, Sleep/Nap, Take a nature walk, Cuddle your spouse/kids/animal or book, Meditate, Workout/yoga. Anything that counts as you taking time for you. 

9. Fairytale Retelling (8 books added)

 Read a book that represents a retelling. I.E. Beauty and the beast, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Arabian Nights, The Count of Monte Cristo, Snow White and the Huntsman and so many more. 

10. Random Word (6 books added)

 Ask someone for a random word or use a random word generator and then finding a book with that word. 

11. No Romance (8 books added)

 Read a book with NO Romance in it. 

12. Red or Pink on the cover (10 books added)

 Read a book with Red or Pink or both colours on the cover. 

13. Books and Love pick (0 books added)

 Amanda has a dicord book club that is one of these prompts. Which is kinda a buddy read for this month. 

14. Love related title (7 books added)

 Read a book or books with Love related title's in it. 

15. 3 word title (13 books added)

 Read a book with a title that only has 3 words in it.