Anti-Capitalist Inspiration

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A life-long, slow-paced challenge to read books that tackle facets of and damage done by capitalism. I will be reading books that are explicitly socialist/left-wing, as well as books that address and are critical of the economic and political systems we live in without placing themselves under a "socialist" label.

Some of the prompts in this list include: utopian imaginings of better futures, non-fiction about revolutionary movements, books concerned with the environment, poetry and short story collections, translated books, books about policing and the justice system, and books about community and collective strength.

Challenge prompts

Utopia and imagined futures (11 books added)

Non-fiction about violence (6 books added)

Memoirs (6 books added)

Poetry (9 books added)

Books about war (6 books added)

Books about food (2 books added)

Workplace novels (5 books added)

Books for activists (7 books added)

Non-fiction about work (13 books added)

Books about disability (3 books added)

Books about art and music (2 books added)

Books about colonialism (1 book added)

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