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Sun-bleached record faded like old jeans.

Based on the songs from BTS RM/Kim Namjoon's third record 'Indigo', which was preceded by 'mono.' and his self-titled mixtape. Each song has multiple prompts: you can eitheir choose only one, mix them up or read as much as you can for every song (to make the last option easier, remember that a book may count for more than one song). Also note the prompts can be interpreted in many ways, e.g., "a book about a crime" isn't necesserily a thriller or mystety, and the crime in question doesn't have to fall under the legal meaning of the word. There's no time limit, so readers can use the challenge to tackle their TBR whenever and how many times they want (waiting for Storygraph to add a recurring challenge feature).

P.S.: my interpretation of the songs is based on the translations done by doolsetbangtan and bagtansubs, besides articles and interviews. I recomend reading doolset's post about Wild Flower to understand the korean title and its relation to the use of "flowerwork" in the lyrics.

I'm also hosting challenges for: Mono, Jack In The Box, Pure Heroine, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Dark Academia, Epic Poems, audiobooks and standalones TBRs.

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