Mobileread Users TBR Reduction 2023

Hosted by astrangerhere

60 participants, 766 books added

Starts: Sunday, 01 January 2023

Ends: Sunday, 31 December 2023

If you would like to reach out to someone on MobileRead rather than doing a buddy read here, you can find our master thread HERE

RULES (that you can completely ignore if you want!):
  1. The book only has to make sense to you to fit into the topic for that month. If you can justify it to yourself, go for it!  There are two alternatives for each month, so you have some freedom to clear out that TBR!
  2. The book should be on your TBR as we are trying to reduce TBRs, not pick new things.
  3. Books can be read in any order!  The monthly themes are there as an aid to picking TBR books, but if you want to read something from the October prompt in March - go for it!
  4. Anything goes – fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, collected comics, and anything else I haven’t thought of.
  5. Have fun!   Feel free to invite another user for a buddy read if they post something interesting.

Challenge Prompts