2021 Independent Bookstore Challenge

Hosted by ginathereader

3 participants, 13 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

The goal for this challenge is to read a book each month that you've purchased (or been gifted) from an independent bookstore, preferably local to you. They can be books you've purchased that month or previously.

This is adapted from a challenge (linked here) hosted by The Bookshop in Nashville. Because I don't live anywhere near Nashville but wanted to support my local indies more this year, especially because of the challenges to their business from the pandemic, I thought I'd adapt the challenge for my own use. Some of the prompts are the same as the original, but I've added or adjusted a few of my own.

Challenge prompts

2. February: A book written by a person of colour (3 books added)

Bonus points if you purchase it from a BIPOC-owned bookstore!

4. April: A short story collection (2 books added)

5. May: A classic (0 books added)

6. June: A novel or memoir by an LGBTQ+ author (0 books added)

Bonus points if you purchase it from an LGBTQ-owned bookstore!

7. July: A staff picks or recommended read (1 book added)

Any book recommended or suggested by staff at your local indie, whether that's on a staff picks bookshelf they might have, on their social media, or personally suggested to you in a conversation.

8. August: A translated book by a woman (1 book added)

The original author should be a woman, but bonus points if the translator is also a woman.

9. September: An essay collection (0 books added)

10. October: A book by a local author (1 book added)

This is open to how you interpret "local." It could be the city or town you live in (if you have authors from there), the state/province, or country.

11. November: A book published by an independent press (1 book added)

Preferably from an independent press that's also local to you (if you have one), but any works!