Romance Buzzword Challenge 2022

Hosted by allonsythornraxx

10 participants, 9 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Sunday, 01 January 2023

You can use these prompts in whatever way you'd like! You can interpret them or take them literally, it's up to you! ❤
Feel free to use these for 1 prompt per month or just as an idea for your tbr throughout the year.

I also run a romance book club with monthly reads if you're interested! It's called the Hoemance Book Club and we also have a Storygraph challenge if you want something a bit more laid back!

Need some recommendations for the prompts? Check out my blog post for this challenge here.

Challenge prompts

1. Royal/s (2 books added)

Anything royalty related (queen, King, prince, royalty etc.)

2. Love (2 books added)

3. Equation... (0 books added)

Feel free to use anything science-related - I've noted equation and hypothesis are both really popular!

4. Book... (1 book added)

Other buzzwords - Book, Bookish, Bookstore, Margins, Draft etc...

5. Bridesmaid/ Best man (0 books added)

6. Marriage... (0 books added)

 Other buzzwords - Wedding, Hitch/ed, Proposal

7. Food... (2 books added)

Other buzzwords - Chef, any foods, 

8. Forever (1 book added)

9. Hate (0 books added)

Other buzzwords - Spite, 

10. Your/ You (0 books added)