The 2022 Pratchat Challenge

Hosted by mcbenzie

11 participants, 29 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

This is for listeners of the Pratchat book club podcast, where we read a Terry Pratchett book (or other work) every month. The purpose of this challenge is to broaden our horizons a little and find a few books by other authors that share some of the things we love about Pratchett! Because we hope many of you will also be reading the Pratchett books alongside the podcast, we've restricted this to just six prompts, and tried to make them fairly broad. There are no restrictions on format, language, intended reading age or genre (unless that's part of a prompt), so read whatever you want that fits!

Challenge prompts

A book by another author mentioned on the podcast (10 books added)

There have been loads, but those who've cropped up more than once include Diana Wynn Jones, Douglas Adams, Naomi Novik, Ben Aaronovitch and Ursula K Le Guin. This can also include books written by podcast guests, which might include works by Will Kostakis, Stephanie Convery, Garth Nix or Claire G Coleman!

A book by another author who writes without chapters (5 books added)

You might need to do a bit of a search for these, but there are many classic and contemporary authors who don't use chapters!

A comic novel by another author (5 books added)

Books with humour in them are a dime a dozen, but books that bill themselves as funny have become thin on the ground. Take a punt on someone else! A few names to get you started: Sue Townsend, Jasper Fforde, Stella Gibbons, or any of a host of comedians who've turned to writing.

A book by another author that plays with fantasy tropes (6 books added)

Some kind of fantasy novel that twists the standard tropes of fantasy - perhaps the dragon is the hero, or the magic ring is useless, or the chosen one is a fraud. Anything that subverts a common trope of fantasy counts!

A book by another author set in a fictional city (2 books added)

Ankh-Morpork is so alive we all feel like we've been there, but there are plenty of other cities that exist only in novels! The intent is for this to be an entirely fictional city, rather than a fictional version of a city from the real world.

A book by another author with witches as protagonists (4 books added)

Witches are traditional wicked, but they don't have to be - and even the folktale kind can star in their own stories. Read one for this prompt!