Readathin | May 2021

Hosted by momsbookcollection

16 participants, 91 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 May 2021

Ends: Monday, 31 May 2021

This month's readathin will be solely based on Getting out of a Reading SLUMP!!! Both myself and Amanda have been dealing with one and we decided what better way to help us then to make this all about getting back into reading.

Amanda will be on her Discord and hosting some reading sprints over on Twitch.

Discord  |  Twitch

I myself will be over on Twitter and hosting some reading sprints there as well as Youtube.

Twitter  |  Youtube

Challenge prompts

1. Continue A Series (9 books added)

Continue any series you have started.

2. A Book You've Been Putting Off, But Are Excited About (11 books added)

What book have you been putting off reading? READ IT!

3. Genre You Don't Read Often (10 books added)

Read any genre you barley read.

4. Book You Know Nothing About (9 books added)

Pick up a book from your shelf that you know/forgot what it was about!

5. Read Your Favorite Genre (6 books added)

What is your favorite Genre??? Read it!

6. Listen To An Audiobook (8 books added)

Is there a book you wanna read but would rather listen to it? 

7. Own Voices (9 books added)

 under-represented group writing about their own experiences/from their own perspective 

8. Read A Thin Book (9 books added)

Read a 250 or less unless discretion

9. Buddy Read (5 books added)

Find anyone to buddy read with!

10. Read A Certain Number Of Pages/Chapters A Day (2 books added)

Plain you read as many pages or chapters to read.