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Yes, German literature might not be the most exotic thing to read, and there are many countries and languages whose books deserve more attention. I don't have a "but" to add after that... At least there's no time limit and therefore nothing that keeps you from reading broadly around the world ;)

This is more geared towards non-native speakers but of course anyone can join the challenge!

The only rule is that the books have to be originally written in German (including Low German, Swiss German and any dialects) but you can read them in any language you want. (Pro tipp: a surprising number of books has been tranlated into Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Italian, Estonian, French, Dutch and what not - but not into English. So if you understand any other language you might for once have an advantage in the world of translated literature)

I've provided a bunch of recommendations, please feel free to add yours πŸ˜ƒΒ 

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