My 2021 Personalized Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge

Hosted by jskell911

11 participants, 26 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

If you like the prompts, you are welcome to join me. They are customized to myself, but the books that will fit the challenges are pretty wide open.

Challenge prompts

1. A Book That Intimidates Me (1 book added)

2. A Book that is over 600 pages (1 book added)

6. A Book Recommended by a Family Member (1 book added)

They do not read any of the Genre that I do.

7. A Non-Fiction Scientific Book (0 books added)

10. Read A Book I Previously Abandoned (2 books added)

Not a book that I felt was honestly not for me, but one that just did not match my mood at the time.

11. A Book I am Excited To Read, Just Have Not and Do Not Know Why (1 book added)

Have a few of these on the bookshelf- Thinking of you- Book of Dust!

12. An Author's Debut (3 books added)

Can be a backlist of an Author I just found or a Newer Release.

14. A 2021 Release With A Lot of Hype (1 book added)

15. A Book That is Nature Related (2 books added)