Jew It (Your Shelf)

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Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

A mini reading challenge to incorporate some Jewish literature into your life, and get a taste of the historical, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the Jewish community! Many books will satisfy multiple prompts and you're welcome to double up if you want, all participation counts.
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Challenge prompts

1. Historical fiction by a Jewish author that's not about the Holocaust (24 books added)

While the Holocaust is maybe what most people think of when they think about Jewish history, we've been around for thousands of years in communities all over the world!

2. A book translated from a Jewish language (25 books added)

The most widely spoken and well-known Jewish language today is Hebrew, but Jews in the global diaspora have always spoken languages and dialects of their own, often blending Hebrew with the languages of the local non-Jewish population. Examples include Yiddish, Ladino, and Judeo-Arabic, but there are many more.

3. A book by a queer Jewish author (30 books added)

Most denominations of Judaism embrace the LGBT+ community and have for decades. There are so many great authors to choose from, both contemporary voices and early pioneers.

4. A book by a Jew of color (23 books added)

All kinds of Jews of color count, be they patrilineal, mixed race, adoptees, converts, or members of a historical community like Bene Israel (Indian Jews)

5. A nonfiction book on antisemitism (13 books added)

Antisemitism is on the rise around the world, and it can be found on all sides of the political spectrum. Take some time to learn about what antisemitism is, and how to unlearn centuries of hatred.