Tackle Your 2022 TBR Pile

Hosted by hyacinth_lib

15 participants, 114 books added

Starts: Monday, 18 April 2022

Ends: Tuesday, 18 April 2023

The goal of this challenge is to be able to finish most of your pending tbr pile this year. 

Make sure to :
ღ Not count books you have read before this year. Only add your new reads into the list. 
ღ Do not add books to more than one prompt even if they are applicable in that particular prompt. 
ღ Do not add re-reads, try to only add new reads.

Have fun doing this challenge <3

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ღ Twitter : @hyacinth_lib

Important note!! The challenge is only going to accept books that have been started/finished AFTER the start date of the challenge (in this case the date is 18th April 2022)

Challenge prompts

1. Friends to Lovers (6 books added)

2. Enemies to Lovers (5 books added)

3. Forbidden Love (7 books added)

6. Best Friend's Brother/Sister (3 books added)

7. Brother's/Sister's Best Friend (3 books added)

8. Second Chance (5 books added)

9. Soulmates (6 books added)

10. Fake Relationship (6 books added)