The StoryGraph's Onboarding Reading Challenge 2021

Hosted by thestorygraph

4341 participants, 7375 books added

Starts: Friday, 01 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

Welcome to The StoryGraph's Onboarding Reading Challenge for 2021!

This challenge is designed to help users, both new and old, explore the different areas of the app and discover all of the fun features we have on offer. We've kept it to just five prompts, hopefully providing an enjoyable, low-pressure way for everyone to get involved.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding the challenge, or any of the features we point you to, please feel free to message us using the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of your screen!

Challenge prompts

1. Read a book from your TBR containing one of your least-read moods (2510 books added)

Head to Your StoryGraph > To-Read Pile > View All and then open up the filter list at the top of the page. From the moods list, select one of the moods you read the least. For example, one might be 'lighthearted' if you're a thriller lover! 

If you've not marked any books as to-read containing your least read mood, then keep going up the list of least to most read moods until you find one!

2. Read a book which fits all of the criteria from your reading profile (2136 books added)

On Your StoryGraph, you should see a box which sums up your reading habits. Maybe you mainly read fiction books which are reflective, emotional, challenging, medium-paced and 300-499 pages long.

Head to the Browse All Books page and, using the filter menu, try to find a book which fits those specifications exactly! Make sure you select 'all of the selected moods', too!

3. Read a book from the five-star section of someone you follow (1553 books added)

Head to Community and make sure you're on the  People You Follow tab. Click on someone's profile and look for their 5-Star Reads section. Choose any book from that list!

If you're not following anyone, you can choose anyone from the main Community feed.

4. Read a book containing at least two of your favourite moods but excluding your favourite genre (2707 books added)

This time use the filter menu on the Recommendations page. Open up the filter menu and select at least two of your favourite moods and then 'all of the selected moods'. Then put your favourite genre in the 'Exclude...' box. Pick a book from any of the recommendations that follow once you've hit Search!

5. Read a book added to any prompt in The StoryGraph's Translation Challenge or Genre Challenge (1378 books added)

This is a fun way to get to know the challenge pages and directory! Have a browse of the prompt pages for our Translation Challenge or Genre Challenge and select any book from those pages which interests you for this prompt!