There's Always Room For One More SFF Backlist Challenge

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You can start and finish this challenge whenever you like!

As a book blogger, it's very easy to find yourself focusing on recent releases and books published in the past year. This challenge is designed to focus on midlist and backlist books that you missed out on when they came out and/or genre classics that you never got around to reading.

I routinely refer to "books" - to be clear, novellas, audio books, ebooks, graphic novels, short story collections / anthologies all count (except for the "novella" prompt, which really does have to be a novella). I deliberately don't mention target age anywhere - children's books, middle grade, YA, adult - they're all good.

How old is "backlist"? At least 12 months old at the point you read them - although for my own reads I'm imposing a slightly older threshold of "books older than my blog"). Some of the prompts are focused on year of publication so will push you back in time regardless if you want to complete them all.

Last thing: each book may only be used for one prompt per person. The idea is to read as many mid/backlist titles as you can!

Challenge Prompts