Travel Reading List 2023 challenge

Hosted by maryjomanzanares

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Starts: Sunday, 01 January 2023

Ends: Sunday, 31 December 2023

Now in its 6th year, the Travel Reading List challenge was born out of a love of reading and curiosity for the world - and as a means of exploring new topics, writers, and points of view. It's also a way to make sure you have lots to read on your next flight or trip. 
The basic reading challenge has a pace of two books per month, for a yearly total of 24 books. The advanced portion of the reading challenge (bonus prompts) adds on another six books, bringing the yearly total to 30 books.

The challenge is self-paced. Read what you want, when you want it, there’s no order you must follow. Feel free to interpret the list in any way you wish, choosing the type of books that you think you will enjoy. However, we also hope you’ll be encouraged to try some new authors, and genres, and will add new voices to your reading list. That’s part of the fun of the challenge, expanding your view of the world around you.

For suggestions of what to read, lively discussions about our favorite books, and recommendations of what to take along on your next trip, please join our Facebook Group. We don't discuss specific books (we try to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read a selection yet), but we do share favorites, recommendations, and engage in spoiler-free chat. Please join us! 

Challenge Prompts