Diversify SFF Reading Challenge 2021

Hosted by rachel_rezaei

25 participants, 283 books added

Starts: Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Ends: Friday, 31 December 2021

The core of this challenge is to read more diverse authors, cultures, characters, etc. within the science-fiction and fantasy genre.

For all prompts: The author or the protagonist must fit the prompt to count; cannot be only secondary characters. 

Challenge prompts

3. March: Diverse Folktales/Mythology (22 books added)

Must be non-western folktales and mythology (no greek, roman, norse, etc.) 

5. May: Focus on Mental Health/Addiction (17 books added)

Story should include protagonist that is navigating mental health and/or addiction.

EXTRA: Author is also BIPOC

6. June: Pride Month - LGBTQIA+ Authors and Protagonist (30 books added)

EXTRA: More than half the characters are LGBTQIA+ 

7. July: Books About a Religious Minority (12 books added)

This can include a protagonist whose fantasy religion is obviously designed/coded to resemble a real world minority religion. Prompt also works for authors who practice a minority religion. 

8. August: Middle Eastern Author or Protagonist (11 books added)

EXTRA: The setting is more than just a desert. 

9. September: Disability Representation (14 books added)

Includes any type of disability and is not limited to physical disabilities. 

12. December: Combo (12 books added)

Find a book that fits two or more prompts. 

13. Translated Book (13 books added)

14. Award Winner (13 books added)