The 52 Book Club's Summer Genre Challenge -- 2022

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The 52 Book Club’s Summer Genre Challenge 2022:

Summer is here and with it comes a brand new, 52 Book Club challenge! The Summer Genre Challenge! This fun new challenge is all about getting out of our usual genre ruts and trying something new this summer!

How it works:

Below you’ll find a list of 16 different genres! Pick one book to match each of the genres (for a total of up to sixteen books.) Over the next three months, try to check as many genres off the list as you possibly can.

While this is a separate challenge from our 52 Book Club 2022 challenge, you’re more than welcome to double up and use the same books to complete both challenges. The Summer Genre challenge will run from June 21st until September 22nd.

Not sure you can read sixteen books in that time span? Not to worry! Set whatever goal feels realistic to you. Maybe that’s ten different genres, or six. The point is to have fun and try genres we might not normally read — the numbers matter less.

Ready to see what genres you’ll be reading this summer?

You can find our full challenge post complete with challenge graphic and a free printable on our website here!

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