Crip Your Reading (Disability Reading Challenge)

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Diversify your reading by including the largest oppressed population in the world: disabled folks. 1 in 4 Americans have a disability but how many books have you read where we’re included? This challenge seeks to grow that number for you. 

This challenge includes physical disabilities, chronic illness, mental health struggles, developmental disabilities, etc. I have tried to include mostly books written by disabled authors. For reasons you will learn (or already know), this has been difficult.

-crip is a reclaimed term (from crippled) by the disability community. Please do not use it to describe someone unless you are specifically told by a disabled person they want to be called that way. 
-not all the folks in these books will identify as disabled and that is okay. they are included to expand the reach of disability representation.
-autism is included with developmental disabilities in an attempt to keep the umbrella wide

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