Shimmering Worlds Reading Challenge 2022

Hosted by afantasysky

119 participants, 370 books added

Starts: Saturday, 01 January 2022

Ends: Saturday, 31 December 2022

A challenge to read and promote science fiction and fantasy books by authors of colour. 

Hosted by @aFantasySky on Instagram. Share what you're reading with the hashtag #ShimmeringWorlds.


1. All books must be science fiction or fantasy

2. All books must be written by authors of colour

3. Have fun with it. If a book per prompt works for you, great! If you want to double or triple up, go ahead. 

Challenge prompts

Royalty (47 books added)

Queens, Kings, Emperors, Empresses, Princesses and Princes. 

Beyond Death (61 books added)

Ghosts, resurrection, necromancy, the underworld and more. Anything where things that happen after death is a theme.

Magical Battles (49 books added)

Fights with magic! Pretty self explanatory. 

Historical (37 books added)

Set in the past at a specific point in history. 

LGBTQIA+ Protagonist (78 books added)

So many fabulous books, so many different experiences. 

In the Future (54 books added)

Set in our future, can be near future or far off but Earth should have existed at some point.

Aliens (32 books added)

Alien invasions or thriving galactic communities, as long as there are aliens it counts. (humans optional)

Translated (31 books added)

A book that was orginally written in another language. 

Novella (39 books added)

A novella, basically a short book. There's not a strict limit here but under 200 pages or marketed as a novella is a safe bet. 

Published in 2022 (48 books added)

A book released in 2022, try out a debut author, new book from a favourite series or whatever you like!