The Linzthebookworm/Logophile 2023 Reading Challenge

Hosted by songstress7

51 participants, 1111 books added

Starts: Sunday, 01 January 2023

Ends: Sunday, 31 December 2023

** Update 4/6/2023 **  Prompt #13 has been updated as we have become aware that while Mary Faulkner and all her aliases were prolific writers, most of her books are out of print and not readily availablle.

 This "Choose Your Own Adventure" scavenger hunt-style challenge has been hosted by Linzthebookworm and The Logophile every year since 2018.

The challenge is organized into 5 tiers of 12 categories, each with a "free space" to slot in whatever strikes your fancy.  The tiers contain more challenging categories as you ascend to higher levels.  Pick your challenge level based on how many books you want to try to read during the year, or play along however you like.

Level 1 - Book of the Month Club
Level 2 - Casual Reader Club
Level 3 - Dedicated Reader Club
Level 4 - Speed Reader Club
Level 5 - Overachiever Club

See a printable PDF to track your challenge plans here or visit Linzthebookworm or The Logophile for our challenge posts to say hello and play along!

Challenge prompts